Travelling To Ireland! Ireland Travel Guide

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Ireland is beautiful lush green mountains and a lot of beer. Irish culture is one of the oldest and well known in the history. It has been the backdrop of various famous movies and the people are alive although the city is known to be a little quiet. One should definitely invest in a copy of the Ireland travel guide, because once you are there, you would not want to miss a thing.

Trinity College

This was founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1592 and is one of the oldest historic monuments of Ireland. The architecture is inexplicable and the tour of the place is free. It is a calm retreat from the hustle bustle of the city and is home to the most beautiful books on this planet. You should book yourself for a student-led tour of the place to find out more about the place and what it has to offer in terms of its rich history.

Cliffs Of Moher

These are one of Ireland’s most famous sites. They rise to about 203m or 666 feet. The cliff is entirely vertical and the end is abrupt. There is a protected wall and the entry is open for everyone. The views are tremendous and the wind is wild. Make sure you take sunglasses and things to tie your hair with, and also your camera.

Rock Of Cashel

This is one the world’s most spectacular archaeological sites. The ‘Rock’ is literally a prominent green hill that is visible from far off places. There are sturdy walls around the enclosure that protects a complete round tower, a 13th century Gothic Cathedral and the finest 12th century Romanic Chapel in all of Ireland.


You will regret missing out on this. The name makes it sound so special and it really is. The white round stone walls topped by a grass dome looks something out of a book. It is 80 meters in diameter and 13 meters high. It is 3200BC which means it predates the pyramids by 6 centuries. It is the most remarkable prehistoric site in Europe.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Tour From Belfast

Probably the biggest fantasy blockbuster to be made ever, with the most intricate sets and costumes, this is one tour that is a dream come true for fans. The friendly guide will take you to the key Northern Irish filming locations that were used in this award winning series. You will also enjoy free time to explore the rock formations at the Giant’s Causeway.

Ring Of Kerry Walk

This is for trekkers and hikers and people who love to backpack. You will get to soak up a lot of Irish history, culture while you move from one village to another, enjoying night stays in friendly inns and bars. This is a 8 day tour, so make sure you plan ahead if you want to be a part of the entire thing.

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