Tips For Taking Travel Selfies! Traveling Selfies Tips

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Selfies are the new trend that does not look like it is going to fade. For some it might be annoying, but for people who like doing things on their own especially traveling, have a lot to thank for. When there is no one to take your picture and you have to have one, then selfies save the day. The following traveling selfie tips will help you get on the top of your game.

Unleash The Tourist In You

Although it is advisable to blend in the crowd and pretend like you are from the city, but once in a while it is okay to let go. Extend that arm of yours and take out your phone while you go on a tour of the city. See a celebrity poster you like? Take a selfie! Like a water fountain in the background? Take a selfie! There is absolutely no limit to what you can do.

Play With The Reflection

Walking around the city is fun, and it will be better if you start making the most of everything. See your reflection while standing under a street lamp? Why not strike a fun pose and take a picture? You not only made a memory out of it, but now you also have a very creative picture. What’s Instagram for after all? Similarly you can take a picture of your reflection as you sip on your hot coffee, or in a doorway you find very appealing.

Make It A Group Activity

See how many people you can fit in a picture! Just got done with a workshop or a museum tour? Randomly call out for a selfie and see as people flood in to fit in the camera. Group selfies are also a very fun way in engaging with the locals and other tourists.

Aim For Perspectives

Keep the phone on the ground or balance it in a stand and take a picture of yourself with both your hands in the picture for once. You can take picture of your feet against an interested piece of graffiti on the wall or of yourself lying down on the grass. The world is your oyster, you need to photograph it. Also, use anything and everything as your tripod, all you need to do is balance your camera.

Tell A Visual Story

It is so important to be able to connect with your trip once you go through your pictures. It helps you relive the entire scenario in your head again. Take point of view selfies and document moments that were fun or interesting. Found matching hats? Your ice cream fell in the middle of the road? Ran into extempore musicians in the park? Take a selfie.

Get A Selfie Stick

This is possibly the best traveling selfie tip there is. It might look funny, but being able to get the entire scene and location in the picture and not just your face sounds like an all right deal! And think of all the interesting and fun angles you can acquire!

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