Cathay Pacific Launches New Flights! – Boston To Hong Kong

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Cathay Pacific is on a mission to expand its flights all over the world and introduce new routes to cater to everyone’s needs. They recently launched a new service which goes from the Boston Logan International Airport to Hong Kong, four times a week. The first flight was celebrated with a traditional lion dance and a traditional roast pig cutting ceremony. This is believed to both bless the new flight and wish it good luck. The Director of Sports Tourism and Entertainment for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Director of Aviation Operations for Massport were the chief guests.

New Routes, Destinations and So Much More

This new route directly links New England and Hong Kong for the first time. This is also Cathay Pacific’s 6th gateway in the United States and the 8th in North America. This route is doing a lot more than just linking Boston and Hong Kong. Tom Owen, the Senior Vice President of Cathay Pacific says that this route connects New England with numerous Asian cities. These cities number over 23 in Mainland China and include key economic hubs like Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bali and Hanoi. The new routes cut about 4 hours of travel time from the current one-stop flight to Hong Kong via JFK or Chicago. Cathay Pacific is known for its quality of service and attention to detail and now the New England passengers will be able to experience it in all its glory – no matter what their class of travel is.

Connecting New England and Asia

This route is very important because New England has very strong ties with Hong Kong, China and Asia as a whole when it comes to business, education and culture. With the support of the local governments and concerned authorities, Cathay Pacific can contribute in the strengthening of these relationships. The Boeing 777-300ER belly capacity and connectivity through the new Cargo Terminal will also contribute greatly to the usefulness of this route.

Facilitating Business and Commercial Growth

By introducing the Boston to Hong Kong route, Cathay Pacific has proved once again that it is a strong player on the world stage. The entire New England region will benefit as this route opens new dimensions and opportunities for business and growth. According to statistics more than 53,000 passengers flew between Boston Logan and Hong Kong in 2013. This was the largest market without a non-stop service and now that no longer is the case. These business ties can be seen growing further and strengthening because of this new sustainable and reliable route.

Luxury, Comfort and State Of The Art Flying Experience

Cathay Pacific will be using its Boeing 777-300ER which is known for its newly refreshed First Class, award winning Business Class, newest cabin class, Premium Economy and the new long haul Economy Class. Their award winning cabin crew and state of the art inflight entertainment system for all classes are just some of the features that will convince you that there is no better way to fly than Cathay Pacific. Their custom made meals and selectively designed interior will create the perfect aura of comfort around you which will make the flying time pass by in a blur. There is nothing that you require and are unable to get when flying with Cathay Pacific.

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