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Cathay Pacific Launches New Flights! – Boston To Hong Kong


Cathay Pacific is on a mission to expand its flights all over the world and introduce new routes to cater to everyone’s needs. They recently launched a new service which goes from the Boston Logan International Airport to Hong Kong,…

The Most Romantic Destinations Around The World!


The world is full of beautiful, scenic places that most of us only see in movies. Our vacation expectations sometimes surpass reality and we don’t understand why our romantic getaway didn’t happen. This list will help you narrow down the…

Travelling To Ireland! Ireland Travel Guide


The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Ireland is beautiful lush green mountains and a lot of beer. Irish culture is one of the oldest and well known in the history. It has been the backdrop…

Tips For Taking Travel Selfies! Traveling Selfies Tips


Selfies are the new trend that does not look like it is going to fade. For some it might be annoying, but for people who like doing things on their own especially traveling, have a lot to thank for. When…

Get The Best Seats On A Plane Even When Flying On A Budget!


The screaming child, someone constantly knocking on the backside of your seat, the fellows on either side of you snoring loudly through the night – one even resting their head on your shoulders, your legs feeling lifeless as they are…

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